Und will das Stillen jetzt salonfähig machen.

Die kanadische Schauspielerin Ildiko Ferenczi wurde einst vom Playboy zur heißesten Mum der Welt gekürt. Jetzt macht sie mit ihren Instagram-Fotos auf sich aufmerksam.

Ok ok this one is for the moms an dads only! Trust me before this baby rattled my life... I would've been totally rolling my eyes too! LOL🙄😩😖😴Each and every moment is so incredibly precious and crucially important. If you know me you know I'm a busy body for sure💪🏻 I am always doing something or going somewhere, work was ALWAYS FIRST! But my heart hurts for those who let the diamond moments slip away...you can never NEVER ever get that back! The first smile, the first kiss, the moment they proudly find their feet, the first stand, the first bite of food, when they touch your face, when they say Moma, the list goes on. The hours you spend loving, watching, cuddling, holding, kissing, reading to, singing to, praying with, and teaching them now will resonate for their entire life! It is the biggest gift you can give yourself! Document it, so you can relive it...perhaps one day that busy mind can't remember all the things today blessed you with....and you can again experience the beauty all over again. They are only babies for such a short time. Soon they will have iPads, sleepovers, and best friends! Haha You are only a priority for a short time. ENJOY IT NOW! ❤️ love you all 💋 💕💕💕💕stay tuned for our amazing experience with @loridormanphotography i'm so blessed to be documenting baby Daniels life with this talented soul and her incredible team! 💞❤️🙏🏻Baby @noppiesofficial Momma @maisonvalentino 💕#love #dream #lifegoals #mom #fitmom #goals #babyboy #babylove #baby #babyfashion #babyface #myson #prince #luxury #cute #beautiful #bestoftheday #instagood #jetsetter #travel #momlife #dad

Seit der Geburt ihres Kindes sei die 27-Jährige „jeden Tag ein bisschen hübscher geworden." Ihr Körper sei im Vergleich zu den Zeiten vor der Geburt noch besser. „Jeder sagte mir, die Schwangerschaft wird meinen Körper und mein Leben zerstören. Aber das ist einfach nicht wahr.“

Ihren Körper will Ferenzi jetzt dazu nutzen, um das Stillen gesellschaftsfähiger zu machen. Dafür postet sie fleißig bei Instagram, wie sie ihrem Kind die Brust gibt. Auslöser waren Anfeindungen, nachdem sie ihren Sohn in der Öffentlichkeit stillte. „Niemand sollte sich in der Öffentlichkeit schämen, die Brust zu geben.“

An sich eine gute Botschaft: Stillen ist völlig normal. Trotzdem: Normal sind ihre Bilder nicht! Oder wie häufig kommt es vor, dass man sein Kind im eleganten Cocktailkleid mitten in der Natur stillt?

•HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRECIOUS SON, MY FEROCIOUS LIL LION, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING• Everyday I thank God for choosing me to be my darling sons mother...it's a prayer only a mother that never thought a baby was possible knows. Thank you for teaching me all the life lessons that add to my strength courage and fearlessness. To me #MothersDay is a day I can reflect on our journey together and all the incredible things we have encountered as a team❤our love for each other is undeniable. I promise that I will never give up on my dreams because then you to will never give up on yours! I promise to you that I will be here with you every step of your way to guide you to what ever your heart beats for! I love you more than anything my little prince 👑 xoxo Ps My beautiful mother supporters out there #happymothersday! I hope I can continue being your inspiration and motivation. Mothers tell me that they can't look away from my public journey as they love how I do it all🙈 Many mothers have even messaged me to share a deep pain that they gave up on every wish because they had a child, but now because of my journey they are changing their thought process.😍 I believe when I had my son is when, for me anyways... it was most important to live out dreams as I bring my son on this journey of mine, just as my mother did with me. I know how unbelievably valuable it was for me! Thank you mom for making me fierce & unstoppable💎 • • • Baby jeans @armani Top @etsy Belt @bcbgmaxazria Gown @windsorstore ty @legendofmatthew for capturing this pic I had no idea you took❤💎🌈 • • • • • • #motivation #inspiration #blessed #lifegoals #fitmom #goals #babyboy #babylove #baby #babyfashion #babyface #myson #prince #luxury #cute #beautiful #bestoftheday #instagood #jetsetter #travel #momlife #dadlife #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeeding
First, I love you @loridormanphotography ❤ When I opened my photos as always I was in a rush...I scrolled down and my thumb landed on this image by chance. As I zoomed in the tears started streaming down my face. I don't know when she even captured this moment but there is no greater gift because this moment was priceless. I remember thinking how I could not imagine life without my prince. He is the biggest blessing that I have ever received in his short time with me he has taught me so much about love and true joy. ❤️ I had planned to take a shoot of my son every month of his first year...well that pan didn't work out! With my mom falling severely ill and dealing with many other private life emergencies I was only able to take 4 in total since my sons birth. When I stumbled upon Lori I was frantic I needed the best photog around to capture my last chance to capture my baby before he becomes a toddler. Emotional I shared what I had planned and desperately wanted to shoot because my baby was so quickly growing up!!! This moment captured exactly what my heart was feeling😭 I can't thank you enough Lori!!🙏🏻❤ I can't wait to see the rest and we can't wait to do his cake smash!!! And maybe the ever popular breastfeeding shoot I was not even considering....My girlfriend told me if I don't do it I'm crazy because once the breastfeeding journey ends it will be a both heartbreaking and joyful but definitely something to put away in the Memory album. Xo 😘 love you all. Life capture @loridormanphotography Baby swag @kardashiankids Gown @pninatornai make sure to follow ➡️@loridormanphotography

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